Terms & Conditions of Sales

General conditions of sale (GTC)

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The general conditions of sale apply between Evasi'eau and the persons reserving the activity (s).
Registration for an activity implies that all the major practitioners (or their legal representative for minors) have read these general conditions and declare to subscribe to them.
Art 1: Benefits
The supervision and teaching services of water activities proposed by Evasi'eau are supervised and provided by qualified guides of state (BEES / DEJEPS / BPJEPS / BAPAAT) and answering their legislative obligations (URSSAF, RCP, declaration DDCSPP, business cards).

Art 2: Fees and regulations
Rates are available on our website www.evasieau.fr.
Rates are expressed in euros and are not subject to VAT, art 293B of the CGI.
Rates include: the organization, the provision of supervision by a state certified guide, the loan of technical equipment and safety necessary for the practice of the activity (wetsuit neoprene, neoprene socks if necessary, helmet, vest lifeguard, paddle, boat, etc.), and professional liability insurance.
Rates do not include: transportation to the meeting point, personal expenses, and for all day or multi-day activities, picnics, meals, accommodation, etc., remain the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stated.
When booking online, the registration of the credit card is only a guarantee of payment for Evasi'eau. It may be used in case of cancellation by the customer under the conditions defined in Article 4 of the GTC. The settlement of the activity is to be carried out on the spot.
Method of payment on the spot: checks, cash and checks holidays. The credit card is not accepted.
Art 3: Booking
The reservation must be made by a major and emancipated person.
Reservations are made by phone, mail, mail or physical meeting.
The reservation is effective upon receipt of a deposit, the amount of the deposit depends on the remote nature of the date of activity. It can be from 30 to 100%.
Exit: The appointment is fixed at our base (unless otherwise indicated) and the appointment time is fixed at the time of booking. For the smooth running of the activities and respect for the other participants and the professional who supervises you, we ask you to do the necessary to be punctual. We can tolerate a delay of up to 15 minutes. Beyond this period, the instructors leave in activities and no refund or compensation will be payable.
Art 4: Modification / cancellation
4.1: Because of the client:
Group of 1 to 4 participants:
- Cancellation more than 15 days before the appointment: nothing is due, the deposit is returned to you.
- Cancellation 14 to 3 days before appointment:30% of the total amount of the benefit remains due.
- Cancellation less than 72 hours before the appointment: the total amount of the service remains due.
Group of 5 participants +
- Cancellation more than 30 days before the appointment: nothing is due, the deposit is returned to you.
- Cancellation from 29 to 8 days before the appointment: 30% of the total amount of the service remains due.
- Cancellation from 7 to 3 days before appointment: 50% of the total amount of the service remains due.
- Cancellation less than 72 hours before departure: the total amount of the service remains due.
A defection of one or more participants is subject to the same conditions as a cancellation.
In case of force majeure and under presentation of a proof, Evasi'eau can refund the amount paid, but can not be demanded by the customer. In any case, the customer agrees to notify Evasi'eau of any notifications relating to the booking: organization of the program, change of staff, delay or cancellation.
In case of interruption during the service (= abandonment during the outing, due to fatigue, skills not required, non-compliance with the instructions, endangering the client or other participants, etc., non-exhaustive list) customer or participant can not claim any refund or compensation.
An exit can not be canceled due to meteorological conditions, that if they generate a risk in the practice of the activity.
The decision to cancel or postpone the activity is taken by the monitor, this decision is sovereign.
4.2: Because of Evasi'eau:
In case of serious climatic events or for any other reason affecting the safety of the activity, Evasi'eau reserves the right to modify, in consultation with the participants, the activity program.
In the event that it is impossible to carry out the activity, it will be possible to postpone it to a later date or obtain a refund of it, without being able to claim any compensation.
Evasieau's instructors reserve the right to exclude a participant who is intoxicated or whose behavior is such as to disturb the smooth running of the activity or compromise the group's safety. In this case, the customer or participant can not claim any refund or compensation.
Cancellation for insufficient number of participants:
The departure of our outings is guaranteed with a minimum number of participants (excluding private outings).
This minimum number is 3 participants.
If this minimum number is not reached, Evasi'eau reserves the right to cancel the service. However, the customer can pay a supplement corresponding to the minimum number required to be able to make the exit despite an insufficient number of registrants.
In case of cancellation decided by Evasi'eau, any amount previously paid would be fully refunded to the customer, without being entitled to any compensation.
Art 5: Insurance
As an organizer, Evasi'eau is covered by professional liability insurance.
The instructors involved are insured in professional liability for the teaching of their activities.
Each participant must ensure that he / she is well covered by an insurance in civil liability + individual accident for the practice of the envisaged sport.
Art 6: Recommendations and conditions of participation
Our activities are open to everyone; however, depending on the activities and routes, certain conditions must be taken into account (age limit, swimming ability, technical level, physical condition, etc.).
Although we adapt and personalize the outing, it is up to each participant to have assessed his fitness and his abilities according to the boat and the course choices he wants to make. It is therefore advisable to inquire before any reservation.
For all white water activities, it is imperative to know how to swim 25m and immerse yourself.
You must not be subject to a medical contraindication to the practice of the chosen activity.
IMPORTANT:You are not subject to a medical contraindication but you are dependent on medical care or special medical treatments (asthma, diabetes, etc.) or your state of health requires special attention (fragile joint, back problem , wearing glasses mandatory, etc.), you must inform the monitor before departure of the activity and provide appropriate emergency medication, according to medical recommendations.
In addition, and as a general rule, Evasi'eau's activities are not recommended for people with respiratory or cardiovascular problems, tetanus attacks, people with epilepsy and pregnant women.
Art 7: Loss, damage, theft
The responsibility of Evasi'eau or the monitor supervising the activity can not be held liable for loss, theft or damage to personal effects during the course of the activity.

Art 8: Gift voucher
The gift voucher is a good prepaid voucher of the value of your choice, which will allow the beneficiary to spend it with us, for the activity (s) of his choice, in one or more times, within the maximum time indicated on the good gift.
The gift voucher is not nominative: It is transferable to the person of your choice. To benefit from it it will suffice to reserve by communicating us the code inscribed on the voucher and to present it on the day of the activity at the reception of the base.
The recipient of the gift voucher must contact us to reserve the exit.
If at the end of the validity period of the voucher the credit is not fully spent, the balance is lost.
The output will be guaranteed in case the minimum number of participants required is assured (generally 3 minimum, the guaranteed departures are numerous: generally all WE in the off season and +/- every day in July / August) and in the where the conditions of practice (excluding floods, storms ...) allow the smooth running of the activity.