The Airboat is an inflatable kayak and open to a place. You are not sitting in it but on it. Its very different form of a "closed" kayak makes it a boat easier to navigate. The first paddle shots are enough to control his movements. By its small size, the rapids seem more important, and a descent full of emotion is offered to you.

Duration 3 hour(s)
From 11 years
Difficulty 2 / 5
Confirmation : Deferred (1day(s) Maximum)

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  • The formula includes

    l'organisation et l'encadrement de l'activité, la combinaison néoprène, chaussette néoprène si nécessaire, gilet de sauvetage, casque et matériel de navigation.

    Equipment to provide

    maillot de bain, serviette et baskets

Meeting place

1424 Route De Lourdes
D 937 - Parking Du Pont Des Grottes